Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dream Lover: The Real Story

Ball-draining beat-off material from the Anton archives: "Dream Lover," the legendary photo feature from Hustler Magazine (February 1981).

This photo-spread is of historic importance because 1980s anti-sex feminists had a field day misrepresenting it, claiming that the woman is "brutally beaten" (below) or "slug[ged]" (rather, she is slapped with a leather glove, a social cliche). The sequence, strictly speaking, does not even show her head being "forcibly submerged" in the toilet bowl (although this is implied cumulatively as her head is shoved against the arm of the sofa), but rather shows an extraordinarily beautiful girl being erotically humiliated. It is perhaps the closest thing to love ever depicted in commercial newsstand soft-core porn. Enjoy!

Read Anton Drek's sensitive reinterpretation of relations of men and women, inspired by "Dream Lover"!

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