Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dream Lover: The Real Story

Ball-draining beat-off material from the Anton archives: "Dream Lover," the legendary photo feature from Hustler Magazine (February 1981).

This photo-spread is of historic importance because 1980s anti-sex feminists had a field day misrepresenting it, claiming that the woman is "brutally beaten" (below) or "slug[ged]" (rather, she is slapped with a leather glove, a social cliche). The sequence, strictly speaking, does not even show her head being "forcibly submerged" in the toilet bowl (although this is implied cumulatively as her head is shoved against the arm of the sofa), but rather shows an extraordinarily beautiful girl being erotically humiliated. It is perhaps the closest thing to love ever depicted in commercial newsstand soft-core porn. Enjoy!

Friday, January 17, 2014

EuroDrek: Anton, the Jerry Lewis of Porn

Bernard Joubert is a journalist and anti-censorship activist, editor of Dictionnaire des livres et journaux interdits : par arrêtés ministériels de 1949 à nos jours (Paris: Cercle de la librairie, 2007), and most importantly, the translator as well as painstaking editor and producer of the wonderful 2005 French-language Anton Drek compendium Drekbook : l’Intégrale d’Anton Drek (Paris: Dynamite, 2005).

Monsieur Joubert recently made a generous contribution to the Anton Drek Foundation Archives of several of his vintage reviews for the Italian erotic magazine Blue. These include several contemporary write-ups of the Drek comix as they were being published in America and subsequently translated in Europe in the 1990s, the heyday of American and European porn comics. Not unlike Jerry Lewis, Monsieur Drek may have greater prestige abroad than in the USA.

Unfortunately, at the time these reviews were written, Monsieur Joubert was still under the impression, as were so many commentators at the time, that “Anton Drek” was merely the pseudonym of some obscure American cartoonist moonlighting as a pornographer. Luckily, this widespread and persistent myth has been thoroughly debunked and incontrovertibly dispelled by recent scholarship. 

Bernard Joubert review from 1995.

Cover of Blue #2, 1991.

Bernard Joubert review of Wendy #1 (right next to Frank Frazetta) for Blue #2, 1991. The panel of Wendy having cum smeared all over her face was considered one of the ground-breaking highlights of this truly seminal work.

Cover of Blue #7, 1991.

Bernard Joubert review of Antons Drekbook for Blue #7, 1991. The tribute to American romance comics and Pop Art, Facial Cumshot Romance, is one of the pin-up pages highlighted.

Moebius (a.k.a. Jean Giraud) cover for Blue #24, 1993.

Bernard Joubert review of Images of Omaha for Blue #24, 1991. Anton Drek contributed a pin-up of Omaha, the Cat Dancer and Wendy Whitebread to this fund-raising issue for artist Reed Waller.

EuroDrek Deux: Wendy in French, Spanish, and Italian!

The Dynamite version of the collected Drekbook, compiled, scanned, designed, edited and translated by Bernard Joubert (2005).

Drekbook cover

More material courtesy of Monsieur Joubert, this time of Anton translations into Spanish and Italian:
Kiss Comix #1, 1991, Spain

"Loving the Alien," from Kiss Comix #1, 1991.

Kiss Comix #2, 1991 (Spain).

Wendy's first adventure in Spanish, from Kiss Comix #2.

Kiss Comix #3, 1991 (Spain)

Wendy's Spanish recap, from Kiss Comix #3.

Editorial from Kiss Comix #4, 1991 (Spain).

Spanish recap from Kiss Comix #4, 1991 (Spain).

Wendy Whitebread #1 in Italian, 1995.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

EuroDrek in Finnish: Paula Patonki, Piilokyttänarttu

Paula Patonki, Piilokyttänarttu and Frankensteinin perhekalleudet (1995) are Finnish translations of Wendy Whitebread, Undercover Slut and Forbidden Frankenstein respectively, issued by the Helsinki publisher Sötem in 1995. Unfortunately, that is all we know here at the Anton Drek Foundation archives, as we have never seen actual physical copies of either publication. Other than the photographs below, which seem to show a predilection on the part of the publisher for Day-Glo cyan and magenta, we know nothing more about these publications or what exactly they contain. These copies seem to have been well-read in any case. Presumably, they just never got enough Wendy and Frankie in northern Europe to satisfy demand!

Scholars with further information on Paula Patonki, Piilokyttänarttu and Frankensteinin perhekalleudet and other European editions of Anton Drek material and their respective publishers are encouraged to contact this blog.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eurodrek, Cont'd: Vertiges, Avril 1992

Thanks to our foreign correspondent, freedom of speech advocate and journalist Bernard Jourbert, the Anton Drek Foundation has unearthed another rarely-seen media mention of the creator of Wendy Whitebread, Undercover Slut and Forbidden Frankenstein. It is an article from the pages of the francophone magazine Vertiges (April 1992), a special issue dedicated to anal eroticism. Below are images provided by the author, Monsiuer Joubert. Merci, Bernard!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Splooge Man: An Amazing Anton Adventure

Below is a hitherto unpublished sample strip from the mid-2000s, submitted as a proposed feature to a Hustler editor who had expressed interest in the graphic talents of Anton Drek. The artist was informed that Mr. Flynt did not care for sequential narratives. (The magazine has always been a paradox of some of the most beautifully photographed semi-hardcore pictorials of the well-lit, southern California “baby-oil school,” epitomized by the genius of Suze Randall, regrettably served up with some of the most horrific and truly dreadful cartooning ever published anywhere in the world.) Truly, the hardcopy hardcore newsstand world’s loss.

The Swinging Spewmeister spies some idle poontang.

Our hero just wants to hang out, and this hot little vixen seems open to the idea.

Getting a grip and feeling out the situation.

Our Wet-Creeper plies his prong to get things loosened up, then lays on the lumber.

The lady is rightfully proud of her petite paps, and our hero stands and delivers a hot load!

A refreshing protein shower will cool off any gal on a sultry summer day.