Sunday, August 13, 2017

Unpublished Drek

Here are some pin-ups and sketches from the Anton Drek Foundation Archives:


Porn Needs More Cock Slapping!

Some wonderful footage of a blissful experience. She wanted big cock, and she got some, only not in the way she wanted. Her reprimand is total; her submission so sweet. Sublime humiliation, only for the strong in self-esteem. Worthy thoughts for a summer evening's meditation! -- Anton.

See also: The Manly Rebuke of Marilyn Chambers!

The Manly Rebuke of Marilyn Chambers (Cockslapping)

Manly Rebuke

I sat in a porn palace, 
the only woman
amid scores
of masturbating men.
With an effort 
I ignored 
my neighbor’s thigh
juddering against mine, 
and surrendered
to the double vision 
of women watching porn. 

Without warning, 
the male lead began, 
in manly rebuke, 
to club his partner 
across her face 
with his penis, 
and the porn palace broke 
into a roar of glad 
baritone cries…. 

I was jolted into trauma,
my arousal doused 
by this barrage 
of male hostility,
and I left
in disarray.

Excerpt from Anne McClintock, “Porn in the U.S.A: A Story without a Climax,” The Village Voice Literary Supplement, April 1990, pp. 16-17; quote from p. 16. Recast as poetry by Anton Drek, © 2017.
Marilyn Chambers, cock slapping scene from Insatiable (1980), very likely the scene referenced by Anne McClintock. This footage has been concisely edited by Anton Drek, © 2017.


Thank you for meditating with me on the sublime beauty of these images and thoughts.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dream Lover: The Real Story

Ball-draining beat-off material from the Anton archives: "Dream Lover," the legendary photo feature from Hustler Magazine (February 1981).

This photo-spread is of historic importance because 1980s anti-sex feminists had a field day misrepresenting it, claiming that the woman is "brutally beaten" (below) or "slug[ged]" (rather, she is slapped with a leather glove, a social cliche). The sequence, strictly speaking, does not even show her head being "forcibly submerged" in the toilet bowl (although this is implied cumulatively as her head is shoved against the arm of the sofa), but rather shows an extraordinarily beautiful girl being erotically humiliated. It is perhaps the closest thing to love ever depicted in commercial newsstand soft-core porn. Enjoy!

Friday, January 17, 2014

EuroDrek: Anton, the Jerry Lewis of Porn

Bernard Joubert is a journalist and anti-censorship activist, editor of Dictionnaire des livres et journaux interdits : par arrêtés ministériels de 1949 à nos jours (Paris: Cercle de la librairie, 2007), and most importantly, the translator as well as painstaking editor and producer of the wonderful 2005 French-language Anton Drek compendium Drekbook : l’Intégrale d’Anton Drek (Paris: Dynamite, 2005).

Monsieur Joubert recently made a generous contribution to the Anton Drek Foundation Archives of several of his vintage reviews for the Italian erotic magazine Blue. These include several contemporary write-ups of the Drek comix as they were being published in America and subsequently translated in Europe in the 1990s, the heyday of American and European porn comics. Not unlike Jerry Lewis, Monsieur Drek may have greater prestige abroad than in the USA.

Unfortunately, at the time these reviews were written, Monsieur Joubert was still under the impression, as were so many commentators at the time, that “Anton Drek” was merely the pseudonym of some obscure American cartoonist moonlighting as a pornographer. Luckily, this widespread and persistent myth has been thoroughly debunked and incontrovertibly dispelled by recent scholarship. 

Bernard Joubert review from 1995.

Cover of Blue #2, 1991.

Bernard Joubert review of Wendy #1 (right next to Frank Frazetta) for Blue #2, 1991. The panel of Wendy having cum smeared all over her face was considered one of the ground-breaking highlights of this truly seminal work.

Cover of Blue #7, 1991.

Bernard Joubert review of Antons Drekbook for Blue #7, 1991. The tribute to American romance comics and Pop Art, Facial Cumshot Romance, is one of the pin-up pages highlighted.

Moebius (a.k.a. Jean Giraud) cover for Blue #24, 1993.

Bernard Joubert review of Images of Omaha for Blue #24, 1991. Anton Drek contributed a pin-up of Omaha, the Cat Dancer and Wendy Whitebread to this fund-raising issue for artist Reed Waller.